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How to buy the correct chess board and pieces?

This is one of the first questions all chess players and none chess players have. Real chess players actually use the chess pieces and not just have them as decoration. Here we will show you the best chess pieces and chess boards with no risk of dying in the attempt.

This article of chess pieces also will be very important for those who want to make a gift as this will help you to have a better understanding, therefore a better decision.

If the person you want to gift is a club chess player and or love playing on the internet, tournaments, etc. The best chess board for this person would be one who can be used to play, you should discard give a chess board with non traditional chess pieces, this is something that will be much appreciated, in other cases if the person is a chess fan but not a competitive chess player a classic or a decorative chess are the best options.

Having this cleared out now you would know the best classical and decorative chess boards and pieces.


chess pieces


We will start by classifying according to our experience the best 5 chess boards from each category.

Chess set Wood

Wood chess sets are resistant to daily use, also these kind of boards are the most fine boards, also the weight is most of the times the perfect weight, this is a perfect game set to play with friends.

El primer tablero y piezas que te recomendamos es “Wooden Chess Set” un best Seller de Amazon. Un tablero plegable de 15″ x 15″ fácil de transportar , sus piezas son de madera de nogal, son piezas de madera hechas a mano del modelo Stauton ideal para iniciarse en el juego ciencia. Dentro de sus características el tablero desplegable incluye unas bandas para guardar las piezas y que estas no se estropeen y esto siempre se agradece. Este no es el mejor juego de madera ya que existen otros , pero el precio y calidad es excelente. Algo importante a mencionar es el enchapado del tablero es elegante y las piezas son algo livianas. Esta es nuestra primera recomendación precio y calidad difícil de superar 

Scholar or club chess board

This chess set can be used in several circumstances, this most of the time is the best chess board to carry to clubs, parks, etc, this is a plastic board, this is well known as the lighter board in the market, this is the predilect board for schools.

Travel Chess

Small chess is the best board for travelers or player who wants to self practice at anytime, buses, planes, trains, it can be used anytime anywhere, these boards are generally magnetic.

Decorative Chess

This kind of board used most of the times only to decorate a space, looks amazing anywhere is located, if you see someone playing on this kind of chess set is only because they do not have any of the above mentioned. 

Now you know all the different chess sets types or at least the most popular or the ones real chess players appreciated the most, now you are able to choose wisely.

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